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s MDTT awarded Best Norwegian TV Doc
9th May 2009

At Gullruten, the Norwegian "Emmy's," My Daughter the Terrorist won the Best Norwegian TV Documentary award.

Surprised and delighted, producer Morten Daae and director Beate Arnestad accepted the golden trophy, along with their associates in the production team of DOP Frank Alvegg, sound recordist and camera assistant Tordis Lovise Bersaas, and production manager Elisabeth Todal.

In her acceptance speech, director Arnestad reminded the audience about the current horrible conditions in Northern Sri Lanka.

s How to order DVDs
13th May 2009

In North America, "My Daughter the Terrorist" is distributed by WMM:

Order at WMM.COM

In the rest of the world, "My Daughter the Terrorist" is distributed by Oslodocs:

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s My Daughter the Terrorist awarded Best International Feature-length Doc in St. Petersburg, Russia

23d June 2007

Yesterday, Beate Arnestad received the award for Best International Feature-length Documentary at the Message to Man International Film Festival.

Mrs. Arnestad travelled directly to St. Petersburg after screening the film at Grimstad in Norway.

– I am delighted at the reception of the film, and am really thankful to both the festivalgoers and the jury, Mrs Arnestad said after receiving the award.

Next appearance for the film is in Estonia, at the Pärnu festival in July, where the film will compete with six other films for the Estonian People's award.

(Picture: Producer Morten Daae and director Arnestad at the Grimstad festival. Photo by Jan Dalchow)

s Doc to Grimstad, Norway
2nd May 2007
"My Daughter the Terrorist" has been selected to compete for Best Norwegian Documentary in the Norwegian Short Films Festival in Grimstad, Norway.





s Doc to St. Petersburg, Russia
2nd May 2007

"My Daughter the Terrorist" has been invited to the 27th "Message to Man" festival in St. Petersburg, Russia which takes place June 15-22. Message to Man


s Doc to screen in Kiev
5th April 2007
"My Daughter the Terrorist" is to be screened at the Third Ukrainian International Film Festival in Kyiv, April 14-20. Third Ukrainian International Film Festival
s Tigers allegedly repeat airport attack
25th March 2007
BBC reports the military base adjoining Colombo's international airport is under attack. Explosions and gunfire were heard. This mirrors the attack in 2001, which lost the country several military airplanes and half the civilian ones. This attack is one of three shown as examples of the Black Tiger actions of the LTTE in the documentary "My Daughter the Terrorist". BBC News report -------- Report from Tamilnet.com
s Dutch broadcaster onboard, doc hits Japan with season high
20th March 2007
Netherlands broadcaster VPRO today confirmed the acquisition of My daughter the terrorist. The documentary just premiered in Japan as "the best this season", according to sources in NHK-BS1.
s Documentary to screen at international terrorism conference
16th March 2007
"My Daughter, the Terrorist" has been invited to screen the film at the first annual International Conference on Interdisciplinary Analyses of Aggression and Terrorism, to be held at La Cristalera, Madrid, Spain in September 27 to -30, 2007. www.societyforterrorismresearch.org
s Hardliners react to alleged Tiger-biased documentary
16th March 2007
The Island, a Colombo-based newspaper published a comment of the film Thursday, calling for an immediate retreat of Norwegian negotiation crew, based on the alleged bias of "My daughter the terrorist". The piece cited a member of JVP, the nationalist marxist-leninist party currently in government supporting president Mahinda Rajapakse. See press
"Anti-terror" laws re-introduced
7th December 2006

President Rajapakse yesterday stated that "democracy can be a deadly joke" when it makes terrorism possible, after giving police and military forces wide authorisations to make searches and arrests, according to the Hindustan Times.

Only hours after the announcement an explosion ruptured one of Colombo's main water supply pipelines (pictured), LankaEverything.com reported.

"Just implementing the Prevention of Terrorism Act is a violation of the ceasefire agreement," said Thorfinnur Omarsson, spokesman for the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission, which oversees a truce that now holds only on paper.

"We worry that this might distance the parties even more," he added. "But then both sides have been violating the ceasefire agreement nearly every day, so it begs the question: where does the agreement stand?" Reuters reports.

Japan and Norway aboard
7th December 2006

Sales agent TV2|World reports that the japanese channel NHK-BS1 will broadcast the documentary in Japan.

Similarly, the Norwegian broadcaster TV2 has purchased broadcast rights.

Sales overview

Whereabouts unknown
5th September 2006

Black Tigers Puhalchudar and Darshika while training and being interviewed by the film team.The main characters of "My Daughter the Terrorist", Darshika and Puhalchudars' whereabouts are unknown. Enquirys about them to the guerilla leadership are unsuccessful at this point.



Editing well underway
20th August 2006

The team in action, documenting the female Malathi regiment of the Tamil Tigers training. Co-director Morten Daae doubles as boom operator, sound engineer Tordis Bersaas records the sound, and cinematographer Frank Alvegg operates the High Definition camera.Director Beate Arnestad and co-director Morten Daae are now editing "My Daughter the Terrorist".
- None of us speak Tamil, but we seem to be developing a good sense of the rhythm of the language, smiles Arnestad, the director.
The team uses accurate translated transcriptions in addition to the on location translation.
- We have even used two separate translators on some of the material, to ensure we get it right, says producer and co-director Daae

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Director revealed
16th August 2006

The director Beate Arnestad with the titular mother of My Daughter the Terrorist, "Maria".Beate Arnestad, who up to this point has been credited as “John Smith” due to safety reasons, have returned to Norway and is preparing to start editing “My Daughter the Terrorist” with co- director Morten Daae.

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